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Published June 25, 2019

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APASL Single Topic Conference DELTA HEPATITIS, 27-28 June 2019, Baku, Azerbaijan

As Delta problem moved from the shadow up on the stage, becoming one of the most crucial disease in Hepatology area, our STC 2019 is dedicated to hepat itis D, for the first time in the history of APASL STC topics. As hepatitis Delta occurs only with HBV infection, we will discuss hepatitis B, its epidemiology, work - up, current treatment and new horizons in the developing pharmaceutical agents. The scient ific program will include the topics presented by the best speakers and the experts in Delta and B hepatitis.

This conference is a good chance to meet and interact with leading clinical professionals and researches and to obtain latest information for hepa tologists.

APASL Single Topic Conference DELTA HEPATITIS, 27-28 June 2019, Baku, Azerbaijan
Treatment options for iatrogenic bile duct injuries with the loss of confluence
A. A. Asadova
Hepatocellular carcinoma in HDV infected patients from Republic of Moldova: from risk factors to survival
Adela Turcanu
Safety, effectiveness and t-cell activation profiles of long-term myrcludex-B treatment in two patients with hdv related compensated cirrhosis
Alessandro Loglio
Comparison of three HDV-RNA quantitative commercially available tests in untreated and in myrcludex-B treated patients with hdv related chronic hepatitis in a real-life setting
Alessandro Loglio
Epidemiology aspects of the chronic HBV with HDV infection in Kazakhstan
Aliya Konysbekova
Natural history and predictors of poor outcomes in acute liver injury patients in a setting without liver transplant facility
Alizeh Abbas
Phylodynamic analysis of hepatitis delta virus genotypes 1 and 2 in the Russian Federation
Anastasia Karlsen
The study of the functional state of endothelium in patients with chronic viral Hepatitis C
Arzu Dadashova


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